Take heart! I have overcome the world!

23d to 31st July 2016


DAILY PROGRAM Detail of activities, religious services, conferences and workshops


CHORUS 'CANTICLE OF THE SUN'With special joy we also announce that we will have the possibility (for those who wish to do so) of singing together each day in a chorus which has as text the well known Canticle of the Sun (Cantico al sole) by Francis of Assisi. At the congress in Lima the composer and priest Lothar Reubke directed the music. This time it will be directed by a young musician from Argentina. We hope to have enough musicians coming to fill in the instrumental part so we can perform it at the end of the congress. We will vocalize and study all the parts every day, hoping to assemble them at the end. Download scripts

To observe the trials of our time in the Light of the New Coming of Christ In a humanity scourged by anguished dreams which asks itself: How much more is to come?, we want to be a silent group which knows what is coming. Because we know Who is coming! And with His Coming may come whatever has to come!Take heart! I have overcome the world.


Afternoon workshops

"The intermediate space, the place for an encounter", with exercises for theater, according to the Michael Tchecov method.  |  Andreas Loos  |  ES

A process towards building a sacred space
Clay modelling workshop | Oscar Menendez
  |  ES

"The human encounters through the word" | Roberto Gutierrez  |  ES

Closed group of southamerican treasurers of the different congregations | Joao Torunsky y Martín de Gans  |  ES - PT

Biodynamic preparation as a way to the spiritualization of the earth and of the bread. FOR FARMERS | Diego Vergelín  |  ES - EN

Orchestra for the "Canticle of the Sun" | Tomás Davidis  |  ES - EN - PT

The Creed | Emilia Hosmann  |  ES

The Creed |  Carlos Maranhao  |  PT

The Creed |  Oliver Steinrueck  |  EN

The New Coming of Christ in the gospels. |   Fernando Chevallier-Boutell  |  ES - PT

Motives of the New Coming in the Art of the 20th. Century |  Bernardo Steiner  |  ES - PT

Where do you find inspiration? How do you express it? In words? | Mimi Coleman  |  Craig Wiggins  | EN

A space for young people.  |  Mariano Kasanetz  | Nora Minassian |  ES - EN

Planetary Forces working through the days of the Week |  Patricia Ruiz  |  Leticia Gonzalez  |  ES

A meditative approach to the gospels. |   Anand Mandaiker  |  EN

Ways, experiences and challenges in the practice of an associative economy  |   Rodrigo Ventre  |  ES - EN - PT

Islam in the Context of the World Religions and of Anthroposophy  |   Ronald Koetzsch  |  ES - EN

Take heart! I have overcome the world. With these transcendent words of Christ (John 16,33) in mind and in our hearts, the Christian Community in Argentina takes great pleasure in inviting you to the sixth Interamerican Congress from July 23 - 31, 2016. It will take place in the center of our country in the province of Córdoba near the city of Carlos Paz. This year’s conference continues the impulse begun in 1995, when the first congress took place in Kimberton Pennsylvania; the second one was in Lima, Perú in 1999, and continued in San Francisco in 2003, then Botucatú (Brazil) 2007 and last time in Vancouver, 2012. Each time we were building bridges amongst the widely dispersed congregations in both Americas and uniting hearts of members, friends and those interested in the Christian Community, through shared experiences and personal encounters.

Franciscan residence The event will take place in a Franciscan residence in the beautiful hills of Córdoba

The event will take place in a Franciscan residence in the beautiful hills of Córdoba which honors the Franciscan principle of simplicity and care. All activities: the services, the lectures, the workshops, the meals as well as the sleeping quarters are within the residence, allowing in this way a sustained and shared living together for up to 400 participants.

Registration and Cost of the Congress Total cost per participant, including meals, lodging and access to all events. 8 nights and 9 days .

8 nights / 9 days


We have calculated a cost of U.S. $450.00 per participant, which covers complete lodging and meals for the eight nights and nine days as well as the costs of the congress itself. This amount, which is really low in Argentina, contains a risk for us, as nobody knows how our economy will develop in the next several months. We are offering this low cost, because we have the impulse that participation be accessible to all.

We would like to ask all who register to seriously consider the possibility of making a voluntary extra donation so as to create a “solidarity fund” for those who cannot pay the total amount. We suggest all the same that if a financial need arises, a real effort be made to find a "local solution" through your own congregation, through friends and sympathizers, and only when not possible, to ask for help from the Argentine organization. Please first direct questions of aid to your local priest. When these avenues are exhausted, we will then gladly help to the extant that solidarity gifts are received.

Please understand, also, that we have to ask you to pay half of the total  amount due beforehand, that is – $225. This is because we have to pay a significant amount for lodgings up front, as well. Of this amount, $200 will be refundable should you be unable to attend the conference.

AV. CURA BROCHERO 1484 SAN ANTONIO DE ARREDONDO, CORDOBA, ARGENTINA +54 3541 423908 info@confiad2016.org


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